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Acceptance of these terms

On having entered or to accede to our Site the user accepts the whole content of these legal terms and of our politics of privacy, because of it it is indispensable that before using anyone the facilities, services or applications of our Site, you read carefully and attention the following terms that govern the relation established between the user and as well as our politics of privacy.

If it does not agree with these terms or does not share them, please do not use this page and communicate with us for the means traditionally used (telephone, fax, traditional mail, attention in our offices, etc.)

Author's copyright and protection would mark

All the information, texts, graphs, presentation and design of this web page as well as the software, the source codes and in general the program of computer that constitutes and supports the page, have protection of Author's copyright of agreement with the national legislation and with international procedure and are of exclusive property of Wemel Supplies. Equally all the distinctive signs of the page (brands, emblems, files of video, combination of colors, presentation of contents and his structure, buttons or "banners") enjoy protection marcaria and are exclusive property of Wemel Supplies. Therefore, none of the elements previously mentioned will be able to be reproduced, communicated, distributed, copied, used, transmitted, sold or commercialized in any way without Wemel Supplies's previous written authorization. This way so, there is totally prohibited the total or partial reproduction of any part of this web page without Wemel Supplies's express previous authorization.
With no case there must be understood that Wemel Supplies grants or guarantees authorizations or licenses of use of his distinctive signs.

Some contents, articles, texts or information specifics can have diverse authors and in these there is reflected the opinion, investigation or interpretation of the above mentioned authors on different topics of interest. In this case, the authors answer for the content of his work and Wemel Supplies does not take responsibility for the criterion or opinion reflected in the above mentioned works not for the conclusions or decisions that could think with base in these contents.

Content and information of the page

The content of this Site has an exclusively informative intention and the information contained in him will not have to be considered to be the indication, determination or recommendation of future results. Wemel Supplies does not become a person in charge by decisions or conclusions that could think with base in the information published or given in the web page. The application and impact of the laws can change widely with base in made specifics related to every case.
Given the changeable nature of the laws, procedure and regulations, and the risks inherent in the electronic communication, might exist delays, delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information contained in this Site. In consequence, the information in this Site is offered under the understood one that the authors and publishers are not giving not even compromising do not even itself to the rendering of legal, countable, tax services or another type of advice and professional services and that the above mentioned information does not offer as presentation as any as the services previously alluded. As such, the same one must not be in use like sustituta of consultations with countable, tax, legal advisers or other competent advisers. Before taking any decision or adopting any measure, the user must consult with a professional of Wemel Supplies.

Though one has tried to assure that the information contained in this Site has been obtained of reliable sources, Wemel Supplies takes responsibility neither for any mistake nor omission, nor for the results obtained of the use of this information, nor for the interpretation of the same one. All the information contained in this Site is offered " in the condition in which he is ", without guarantee of sufficiency, relevancy, accuracy or opportunity, not of the results obtained of the use of this information, and without guarantee of any type, express or implicit, which it includes, between others, you were guaranteeing of fulfillment, comerciabilidad and suitability for an end especially. In no case Wemel Supplies, his societies or neither linked corporations, nor the associates, agents or personnel of the same one, will be responsible neither before the user nor before no other person of no decision or taken measure trusting in the information contained in this Site, not of no direct, indirect, special or similar loss, even if there existed notification of the possibility of suffering the above mentioned hurts.

In no case Wemel Supplies is putting under an obligation or compromising itself with contracts of work, agreements of work it does not even guarantee that the users obtain access to no post or labour occupation. Neither is guaranteed that the access to the page or the supply of information on the part of the user as leaves of life, personal information, information of aspirations, etc; some obligation implies for Wemel Supplies not at least her of mentioning or calling for interviews of work or her of communicating with the user to inform him about the use or results of the managing of his information or leaf of life or of the diverse processes of selection and contracting personnel.

On having given his leaf of life, personal information or any type of information, the user accepts that they will be able to be used in any time by Wemel Supplies in different processes of selection and that Wemel Supplies will be able válidamente and without previous authorization of the user to share the above mentioned information with the persons or companies members of the signature Wemel Supplies, without it could be interpreted as a violation to the right of intimacy or privacy. Wemel Supplies binds neither to inform the user on the result, use or file of the information given by this one, nor to preserve or file the information given by the user.

The user authorizes Wemel Supplies to use worldwide inside the members of the signature Wemel Supplies the content of the leaf of life or information of the user without any limitation and likewise it authorizes to share the above mentioned information with third clients of Wemel Supplies that are addressees or interested parties of processes led by Wemel Supplies of selection, search or labour or civil contracting.

Functioning and efficiency of the system of connection and of the web page

Wemel Supplies saves himself the right to do changes and modifications of any type to this web page and does not take responsibility for delays, suspensions or disadvantages of the system of communication or connection across the page. Therefore Wemel Supplies will be able with or without previous notice to modify or discontinuar temporarily or permanently the service and the contents of this web page.

Wemel Supplies does not take responsibility of the existence of virus, worms or any type of device or element that could affect the User, his software or his hardware.

Commitments and obligations of the user

It is commitment and responsibility of the user to continue stepwise and in an exact way the instructions of procedures and requirements communicated by Wemel Supplies. Of not following them in a faithful and exact way, Wemel Supplies will become a person in charge neither by the agility, result, response, development, nor effects of the services and instructions that they communicate or facilitate across this web page.

The user has to respect at all time the law, the morality and the good customs while it uses this web page. One will not be able to use therefore this web page in any way for illicit ends, opposite to the morality or that in any form could border, damage or violate rights of third. The user will not also be able to realize acts or actions that affect the functionality of this web page, overload her, spoil, damage or prevent of any form his normal functioning.

The user only will be able to accede to the contents of this web page of the way in her indicated and of I agree always with Wemel Supplies's instructions. Any reproduction of the contents, signs, graphs, photographies or any element of the web page will have to be done by Wemel Supplies's previous authorization and in case of mentioning articles or texts that they find in the web page Wemel Supplies will have to be done by express indication of the source, that is to say.

The user promises to update his email address in case that this beech been given as point of contact with the user. There is understood and accepts in an express way that the email address given by the user is valid for any type of communication that Wemel Supplies does and that the user answers in any case for communications done to the above mentioned direction even if this one has been changed or eliminated if it has not notified the above mentioned change to Wemel Supplies.

The user will not be able in any case to reflect the contents of this page in any other page or servant without Wemel Supplies's previous assent.

I use of cookies

In this web page they will be able to use "cookies" that will be used for the ends of allowing the reentry of the user the most efficient page of a way.

In any case his computer allows him to restrict and to prevent the use of the "cookies", for it it will have to consult the respective manual of instructions of his PC.

The relation between Wemel Supplies and the user

For all the legal effects, the relation between the user and Wemel Supplies will be regulated by the present terms of use, the politics of Wemel Supplies's privacy, the content and information of every offered service, any condition communicated by Wemel Supplies to the user by any way and the Colombian applicable normatividad.

For all the legal effects there will be understood that the place of sending of Wemel Supplies's messages is Buenos Aires - Argentina and the place of sending of the messages of the user is that one that is given by this one as domicile in the declaration of personal information done in this page or in any another document or communication directed Wemel Supplies.

In no case there exists Wemel Supplies's obligation to answer messages sent by the user across the web page.

Wemel Supplies and the user surrender in an express way to the jurisdiction and competent Courts of the city of Buenos Aires.

In no case Wemel Supplies answers for inaccuracy in the information given by the user, not at least as for the check on the correspondence of the user with the identity and information that he should declare in the web page.

Procedure in case of denunciations or complaints related to violation of author's copyright, disloyal(unfair) competition or any type of violation of the law

If the user or any the third one find any type of violation or violation of the law in the use of this Site, the procedure that they will have to follow to put the above mentioned situation in Wemel Supplies's knowledge is the following one:

• To send communication that contains Identification of the claimant who includes telephone, direction, email address and complete name.

• Authentic or equivalent Signature of the holder of the damaged rights or authorization of this one to the claimant to act in his name.

• Specification and description of the situation of violation or violation of rights with clear indication of the contents compromised in this situation that do part of the web page.

• Declaration expresses of the claimant in the sense that the described situation has appeared or happened without the express authorization of the holder of the respective rights.

The above mentioned communication must be sent to info@wemel.com.ar

Wemel Supplies will answer this communication in a prudential term of for fewer fifteen working days to the direction declared by the claimant in the communication enunciated in point 1 previous.


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