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  • Abrasive Fibres

DYNOS® and DYNAL® can be supplied in continuous rolls, blanks, narrow rolls or discs coloured chocolate / olive as required by our customers .
Our vulcanized fibre is wound on heavy-duty paper cores or wood cores if it is delivered on continuous rolls. The diameter of these paper cores are 75, 90, 120 or 150 mm and depend on the devices of our customers.

• Commercial Fibres

Vulcanized fibre is used in many fields as technical material.
It has been widely recognized that vulcanized fibre is produced in an eco-friendly way, manufactured with secondary growth resources and recycled materials which are biodegradable.

DYNOS® distinguishes two types of material of vulcanized fibre:


Vulcanized fibre for general technical and mechanical use.

Vulcanized fibre for electrical use.

DYNOS® has outstanding flexibility and is easy to fabricate.


Therefore our various product range can be completely customized. The outstanding quality of DYNOS® and DYNAL®-vulcanized products is ensured by modern productions plants and comprehensive quality surveillance.

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