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EMS-GRIVORY sells its polyamide 12 products under the trade name Grilamid®. .

• Grilamid L

Engineering plastic for highest demands

Grilamid L is the lightest of all polyamides and the lightest polyamide commercially available. Grilamid L is particularly well-suited for processing using injection-moulding, extrusion and and blow-moulding processes.
Grilamid L has been used successfully in a variety of demanding, high-performance applications for more than 40 years.

• Grilamid TR

T ransparent polyamide with unlimited possibilities

Grilamid TR grades are amorphous thermoplastics which, due to their composition, combine the excellent properties of semi-crystalline polyamide 12 grades with those of an amorphous thermoplastic in a unique way.

• Grilflex

PEBA High Performance Elastomers
Flexible and Enduring

Grilflex represents the new brand of EMS-GRIVORY polyamide high end elastomers suitable for use in applications involving injection moulding or extrusion processes.

elastomers belong to the PEBA group, where length and composition of hard and soft segments can be varied over a wide range. The patented polyesteramide technology of EMS-GRIVORY, which makes use of renewable raw material sources, is applied for the first time and enables us to create products with particularly low swelling, high dimensional stability and good transparency.
All Grilflex grades offer high flexibility over a broad temperature range without using plasticizers. They combine low density, very good chemical resistance and easy processing.

Overall the properties of Grilflex lie well above those of almost all other thermoplastic elastomers.



Grivory® is the trade name of a group of engineering plastics manufactured and sold by EMS-GRIVORY.

• Grivory G

The materials in this group are based on semi-crystalline polyamides with partially aromatic content. 

• Grivory HT

Grivory HT is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic construction material based on polyphthalamide (PPA).

Grivory HT is characterised by a high-performance property profile. Technical injection-moulding parts made of this material have impressive dimensional stability, even at high application temperatures.
The property profile of Grivory HT overlaps well into the performance range of high-performance plastics.
The values of Grivory HT for properties such as stiffness and strength at application temperatures up to 120°C - important for replacement of metals - surpass those of materials such as PPS or PEEK.


The premium polyamide

Under the trade name Grilon, EMS-GRIVORY offers a wide range of polyamide 6, polyamide 66 and copolyamide grades.

- Grilon PA6
- Polyamide 66
- Grilon TS PA6+PA66

The name Grilon stands for a wide assortment of products available with different basic polyamides and modified with additives and fillers. This allows us to satisfy a wide spectrum of customer requirements.


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