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• Apparel Interlinings

Griltex hotmelt adhesives are used to fuse interlinings to various face fabrics to enhance garments with dimensional stability, shape retention and durability

• Copolyester for Automotive Filters

EMS-GRILTECH produces tailor-made GRILTEX copolyester hotmelt adhesives for the production of automotive air filters.
The adhesives fulfill the high demands of the manufacturing process as well as the standards set by the automotive industry.

• Office Furniture

Office furniture includes furnishings for commercial businesses and home offices.  Wall panels and seating are typical end-use applications for GRILTEX hotmelt adhesives.

• Labels

Transfer Print

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GRILTEX as an alternative to flame bonding

To laminate face fabric and foam in the flame bonding process a naked flame is used. GRILTEX hotmelt adhesives based on Copolyester are an alternative. They contain very small traces of volatile components and easily meet the low limits demanded by the automotive industry.

GRILTEX Copolyamide for Wire Coating

Metal wires for electric equipment are almost exclusively being coated with polymers. EMS-GRILTECH developed special GRILTEX Copolyamides with all properties needed for this application.

Back injection moulding of automotive ABC- pillars

The technology of back injection moulding simplifies the covering of automotive interiors with textiles. Instead of bonding a laminate with the carrier by pressure, the laminate gets back injection moulded with a polymer. This requires a special adhesive in the laminate which withstands the high temperatures and pressures of this process



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