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• Adhesion Promoters

Our adhesion promoters are used in applications (tyres, conveyor-belts, v-belts, hoses, canvas) where reliable and strong adhesion between rubber and polyester reinforcement material is required.
Use our process service for environmentally sound, simplified manufacture and enhanced product quality at reduced cost.

• Civil engineering

Our product range for the civil engineering market consists of reactive diluents, hardeners and epoxy resins. They cure by chemical reaction without emissions. Typical applications are mortars, coatings, sealants, primers, adhesives, flooring and some more.
Some of our products are used as raw materials, for example, for radiation curing coatings.
A driving force for the chemical intermediates market is the wide range of chemical reactions that are possible.

• Powder Coatings

Powder coatings are environmentally friendly coatings for industrial, architectural and automotive applications. Due to their economical and ecological advantages, powder coatings continue to replace solvent based coatings. We supply the powder coating industry with crosslinkers and additives used in the formulation of powder coatings.

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