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• Arquitectural

Trosifol BG R10/15
TROSIFOL® BG R10/15 with medium adhesion for standard applications in the laminated safety glass sector.
Available in widths of 300 to 3210 mm.

Trosifol BG R20
TROSIFOL® BG R20 with high adhesion for special applications in the laminated safety glass sector.
Available in widths of 300 to 3210 mm.

TrosifolL® Sound Control
TROSIFOL® SOUND CONTROL is a PVB film with excellent noise reduction properties. Compared to a standard insulating glass unit of the same thickness you will achieve an improvement in sound reduction of approx. 3 dB with TROSIFOL® SOUND CONTROL.
The manufacturing process of laminated safety glass with TROSIFOL® SOUND CONTROL is as simple and efficient as with standard products for architectural glazing.

• Trosifol Colour

is a PVB film for coloured laminated safety glass. The excellent colourfastness of TROSIFOL® COLOUR makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The wide range of basic colours can be combined to create an almost unlimited number of colour shades. Moreover, any individual colour can be prepared on request.

• Trosifol Solar

A new dimension for photovoltaic application

Being aware of the growing importance of the photovoltaic market in respect of re-newable energies, TROSIFOL is the first PVB film manufacturer to have developed a special interlayer for photovoltaic modules.

• Automotive

Trosifol VG

A new dimension in PVB films for automotive glazing!

TROSIFOL VG is designed and optimised for all manufacturing processes. It fulfils all requirements of the relevant quality standards, eg. ECE R43 or ANSI Z26.1, and is available in all standard colours and shade band combinations, either refrigerated or PE interleaved.

Trosifol MV-SC
Special products for automotive glazing

TROSIFOL MV-SC is the new acoustic PVB film for automotive glass. Developed for windshields (1,14 mm) and laminated side lights (0,76 mm). It is easy to handle and use in all manufacturing processes.
Safety glass laminated with TROSIFOL MV-SC shows the same characteristics in respect of safety and security, optical performance and light stability as our standard grades for automotive glazing.

Hurricane Glazing

Providing 24-hour wind borne debris protection

TROSIFOL® has developed special interlayer on the base of polyvinyl butyral (pvb) for outperformed hurricane protective glazing. The thickness of the pvb laminate is determined by the function to be served, i.e. safety, forced entry, impact protection from small or large missile, etc.

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